Nov 30, 2009

Give away winner!

So, I tallied up the comments, gave everyone their number(s), entered the info on, and the winner is...

Karen Schouten who wrote:
Hi Karen,
Congrats on your 100 items. Very cute sleep sacks. I could really use one for the baby that is due in JAN. Very cold winters up here.
Karen Schouten (Nathan)

If you could let me know your email address, I will contact you so you can pick your sleep sack!

Thank you to everyone who entered!

Nov 17, 2009

Sleep Sack Pattern

It's finally done! The pattern cover and pattern pieces are printed, and sitting in my house ready to be folded, and the directions are in the final stages before printing! I will finish that up tomorrow with my "Sanity morning"(no kids) I have them posted up on my Etsy site too,
Definitely a relief to have that done! I am selling them for $13.95 free shipping in the states. Here are some pics of what the cover looks like:

Nov 14, 2009

Give Away!!!!

I sold my 100th item last night! Yay! To celebrate this milestone, I am giving away a sleep sack. For your chance to win a sleep sack leave a comment on this post. If you write about this giveaway and post the link on your blog , leave a comment and you will get 2 more entries. If you follow me, you will get another 3 entries! The winner will be chosen on November 30th.

Nov 12, 2009

Pre made Sleep Sacks for Sale

12-24 months Winter Weight

6-12 months Regular Weight

9-18 months Regular Weight(sold)

0-6 and 9-18 months Regular Weight

6-12 and 9-18 months Regular Weight

6-12 months Regular Weight

Fabric Swatches

Also available.

Carnival Bloom

Michael Miller Zen Blossoms

Fabric Swatches

My Etsy shop only shows a small peek of fabrics and pre-made items that I actually have on hand. I thought I would post some pics of fabric I currently have in stock.

Pink Jacks

Round About

Nov 9, 2009

Update: Sleep Sack Pattern & Help Please!

I don't think I talked about it on here, but I have been working on getting my sleep sack pattern designed and packaged to sell! I am nearing the close- the pattern pieces are ready for printing, and the cover and directions should be by the end of the week. I am so excited!

I need some help with a business name- any ideas? If you leave a comment, and I choose your suggestion, you will receive a free sleep sack pattern!

I want to share some pics the Masters Touch Photography ( took for me- I love their work, and thank them for helping me with this!