Dec 16, 2010

The winners are...

Janice Dykstra won a regular weight sleep sack of her choice,
Danielle who wrote "It's awesome to here your business is doing so well, congratulations!" won a tag blanket of her choice,
and Kim who wrote "I love your products, it's no wonder you've sold so many already" won a fabric scrap pack!
Ladies, you need to email me at to claim your prize.  If I do not hear from you with in 48 hrs, a new winner will be picked instead.

A few people asked me where I find my fabric.  I find them at my local Joanns store, and I also buy online, mainly from (look under "supplies" ).  I buy mainly Michael Miller fabric, and some Alexander Henry fabric.

Thank you everyone for entering!

Dec 11, 2010

It's giveaway time!

We reached the 400th item sold this week- this includes 300 sleep sacks!
To help us celebrate, we are giving away another sleep sack!  
The winner will pick from any pre made regular weight sleep sack in a size of their choice.

While we're at it, why don't we have another winner and also giveaway a taggy blanket of your choice?  

And why not have a 3rd winner, and giveaway a fabric scrap pack?
(winner may choose boy or girl fabrics)

Edit: Please include your name when leaving an anonymous post... otherwise any one can claim it!
For 1 entry, all you need to do is comment on this post. 
For a 2nd entry, "follow" my blog, or let me know if you are already a follower by leaving another comment.
For a 3rd entry,  follow on FB, or let me know if you are already a follower by leaving another comment.
Winners will be chosen on Thursday, Dec 16 at 10:00 am
Merry Christmas everyone!

Dec 7, 2010


Wow has the time flown by or what!  I just updated my spread sheet, and would you look at that!  We reached the 300th sleep sack sold! 

We will be having a giveaway sometime later this week.  Details to follow soon!

We also have some new organic listings up in the shop, with a few more to follow later this week. 

Nov 19, 2010


First off, I can not believe I have been absent for about a month!  I guess it shows that I've been busy! 
I took a home organization course a few weeks ago, and have been re organizing as many rooms as I can handle.. almost done!!! 
In the Sleep Sack department it has also been busy. One week I had 11 to sew, and the next 8!  It was busy, but the extra $ put me over the top for the Michael Miller fabric I was saving up for, and I was able to purchase 9 bolts!  This was VERY exciting for me as a business owner!  
I have also been going through all my scrap fabric, and putting together some scrap packs.  I put them for sale in my fabric store and have many more to put together and list. 

Now, on to the sale.  All pre made sleep sacks are $5 off, and can be purchased here!  The sale will last through Black Friday- November 26th 2010.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Oct 18, 2010

As of late

This week was spent sewing a few sleep sacks and duvet covers... which I forgot to take pics of.
People wonder if I get sick of always making sleep sacks, and the answer is no.  I'm always using different prints which keeps it fun! 

A black n white print to add to the pre-made pile. 
Really like this print- I made this lolli dot citron one for a friend, and now have pics for the custom ones!

A cute owl print found at Joanns

Dig it- extra long

and 2 custom width ones.

Sep 29, 2010

Sewing classes anyone?

I would like to hold a class on the basics of sewing, and reading a pattern some time in October.
I hope to have the class in the in the US, so passports are required to cross the border.  (I live a few minutes from the Canadian border for those who are wondering)  I might need more than one night to cover everything, and was thinking about having the class for 2-3 weeks in a row but once I know who hopes to join, we will find which date(s) and time will work for everyone.
If you are interested in taking the class or have any questions, you can email me at twiceasniceboutique [at] live [dot] com by Oct 6th 2010.  Please let me know your skill level or what you hope to improve on so I know what to target.
Thanks!  Karen

New coat for K

A few weeks ago, as I was getting K off to school, I realized she had no good "it's cold but not snowing" coat.  That morning, I went through my fabric stash, and picked some out to make a new coat for her.  I used Michael Millers Hoopla Dot in Pink
Edit: I used a modified version of Burda 9676 pattern.

It has HOT pink flannel lining and a lime green zipper- I love bright colors!

I added a layer of cotton batting for warmth, and sewed it in various places to the lining to prevent bunching in the wash.  Since we live in rainy Washington, a hat was a must.  The coats I made previously were quite long.  I like this length better. 

It's quite foggy here this morning which means it should get nice and sunny soon!

an accomplishing day

Phew, got a lot done today!   I have a stack of cut out fabric that are ready to be made into different things.  Today I attacked the Sleep Sack pile, and I'm happy to say I conquered them!  Next up: diaper bags... they've been sitting there since March...

finished 3 of these (I just had to put the zippers in them)

this one

this one

this one

this one

and this one

... and no, I did not ignore my girls- they were playing house, dog and Mom, and a new one- cheep (bird) and Mom... yep, they have quite the imagination, and play quite well together on the non kindergarten days. 

Sep 20, 2010

New pillow cases for the fam

I got on a pillow case making binge the other week after getting back from teaching 11th graders how to make them.  I made one for each of us using minky for the main body, and cotton fabric for the band.  They are SUPER easy, and are sssooo soft.  Now we just have to wait for cooler weather to use them!

Sep 18, 2010

Guest post on the spunky diva

I was asked to guest post the Morgyn Skirt tutorial on the spunky Diva's blog.  Go check it out!

Morgyn Skirt Tutorial

Sep 16, 2010

New Pajamas

The girls were in dire need of new Pj's.  I had picked up a bunch of flannel for $2.50 awhile ago, and had them pick out 3 of their favorites.  I have only 1 set done for each, and the other 4 cut out.  M's pants are too long, so the next ones will be made shorter.
I bought 1 1/4 yrd of each fabric, so the body will be in a plain color- I like the look though.
I also finally purchased some proper ribbing for the sleeves, neck and leg bands, and like this look compared to using elastic. 

Sep 4, 2010

Sleep Sacks

Here are a few more sleep sacks- this time in new fabrics!  I have a stack cut out to make some more pre-mades for boys in bigger sizes.  More pics to come later this week.

I started teaching last week! I am teaching 6 11th graders sewing until the end of January- then they get cooking which will be taught by someone else.
I am doing 2 classes a week- one is almost 2 hrs long, and the other is almost 1 hr long. They started making pillow cases, and all in all, it's going well! I have a fellow sewing Mom also helping teach the class, which is quite helpful considering they are all beginners.
My oldest also had kindergarten for the first time yesterday. She had a lot of fun! There will be a lot of adjustments this Sept figuring out schedules and such, but I think it will run smoothly.
Take care, Karen

Sep 2, 2010

Cradel Sheets

Another Mom is expecting child #3.  She wanted new sheets for the cradle she will be using, and picked out the following fabrics from my stash.  They didn't take long to make at all.  I made 2 plain green flannel ones to put under the patterned ones for extra protection from the plastic covered mattress. 

Aug 31, 2010

Nursing covers

3 momma's to be asked for nursing covers.  One of the momma's had a baby boy on Sunday (whew- got the nursing cover to her on Thursday!), but the other 2 are still waiting for their babies.
Don't you like their fabric choices? 

Aug 29, 2010

Diaper bag- Carnival Bloom

I made a diaper bag for this gals sister ,and she like it, so she ordered one for her self.  I added a stripe on the flap that matches the lining inside.  The button also matches the lining!

Aug 4, 2010

A few more sleep sacks

More Sleep Sacks. They are for a few different customers, and I actually remembered to take pics!

got a few things done

Yesterday was sanity morning- I get together with 4 other Mom's and every other week, 2 Mom's babysit all the kids, while the other 3 get to go and do whatever they want from 9-2.  Well, yesterday one of the other Mom's picked up my kids, and took them to the hosts house where she was babysitting.  She offered to bring the kids back too.  She picked them up around 10:00, and didn't drop them off until 4:00!  I got sssooo much sewing done!  I had toyed with cleaning the house, doing yard work, washing the car, but sewing won!

I absolutely love how this dress turned out.
I wanted to make her a few dresses for school, but when I don't have a pattern, I find it hard to make sleeves... at the school she will be attending the shoulders need to be covered.
I think it's the fabric that I love so much, I'm not sure it would look as great in a lighter, less vibrant color, but I may have to try it out. : )

I made another set of matching-but-not-quite dresses for the girls too.  We are going camping this weekend, and I find dresses the easiest for going to/sitting at the beach.  My youngest loves wearing dresses, the older one, not as much, but if I set one out, she will wear it.

This dress is for H.  She liked Mikenzie's dress, and wanted the same one for her girl.  She is a older than Kyleigh, so it fits big on her. 

Take care, Karen