Sep 4, 2010

Sleep Sacks

Here are a few more sleep sacks- this time in new fabrics!  I have a stack cut out to make some more pre-mades for boys in bigger sizes.  More pics to come later this week.

I started teaching last week! I am teaching 6 11th graders sewing until the end of January- then they get cooking which will be taught by someone else.
I am doing 2 classes a week- one is almost 2 hrs long, and the other is almost 1 hr long. They started making pillow cases, and all in all, it's going well! I have a fellow sewing Mom also helping teach the class, which is quite helpful considering they are all beginners.
My oldest also had kindergarten for the first time yesterday. She had a lot of fun! There will be a lot of adjustments this Sept figuring out schedules and such, but I think it will run smoothly.
Take care, Karen

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