Sep 16, 2010

New Pajamas

The girls were in dire need of new Pj's.  I had picked up a bunch of flannel for $2.50 awhile ago, and had them pick out 3 of their favorites.  I have only 1 set done for each, and the other 4 cut out.  M's pants are too long, so the next ones will be made shorter.
I bought 1 1/4 yrd of each fabric, so the body will be in a plain color- I like the look though.
I also finally purchased some proper ribbing for the sleeves, neck and leg bands, and like this look compared to using elastic. 


Suzanne said...

Cute jammies! I have some of those to make too :)

Tania Grim said...

sweet!!!!!! i may have to borrow your pattern