Sep 29, 2010

New coat for K

A few weeks ago, as I was getting K off to school, I realized she had no good "it's cold but not snowing" coat.  That morning, I went through my fabric stash, and picked some out to make a new coat for her.  I used Michael Millers Hoopla Dot in Pink
Edit: I used a modified version of Burda 9676 pattern.

It has HOT pink flannel lining and a lime green zipper- I love bright colors!

I added a layer of cotton batting for warmth, and sewed it in various places to the lining to prevent bunching in the wash.  Since we live in rainy Washington, a hat was a must.  The coats I made previously were quite long.  I like this length better. 

It's quite foggy here this morning which means it should get nice and sunny soon!


Our Busy Little Bunch said...

Good job Karen! What pattern did you use?

Missy said...

I love it!!