Apr 26, 2010

New curtains for the girls room!

This afternoon, after I was finished updating all my stuff on the computer, I set my mind to finally making new curtains for the girls room.



What do you think?

I used all the fabrics that are in their quilt tops.
They are lined, so they look great from both sides!
Yep... still waiting on base boards in most of the house :)

Class on how to make these skirts

I have been making these skirts since my oldest was about 6 months old... so I suppose for 4.5 years!
They are so easy to make~ done in about an hour. I am having a class on how to make them in a few weeks. If you are in the area, (Northern Washington or Fraser Valley) and would like to learn, send me an email (twiceasniceboutique@live.com) , and I can let you know when we plan on doing it, and how much fabric you will need etc.
The class has 5 more spots~ first come first serve!
Depending in how many people show interest, I may have a class in the Fraser Valley for those who do not have a passport.

Ever wonder what 40 Sleep Sacks look like?



These are the Sleep Sacks that have been keeping me busy in between my regular orders. A customer in New Zealand ordered 20 organic, and 20 non organic in 4 fabrics. The fabrics are exclusive to her, so if you want one, I can give you the link to her shop.

Fianlly a new post!

Wondering what I've been up to the fast several weeks?
Well, here's a run down...
I did the craft fair, which actually wiped me out for a few days,
went out of town to visit 2 of my siblings new babies,

babysat a friends girls while they went out of town for 8 days, broke my big toe- no worries, it's my left foot so I can still sew and drive, and made and sent an order of 40 Sleep Sacks to New Zealand!

Apr 24, 2010

A few other orders

This customer wanted a Plain Grey Sleep Sack with Apple Green trim

Gender neutral dots

Orange paper weight- custom ordered fabric

2 flower girl dresses for a wedding May1! I broke my big tow in the middle of making the dresses (broke it playing soccer) so it took a few more days than anticipated, but were still done in time!