Mar 3, 2011

M's quilts done!

I finally buckled down last week, and finished quilting M's quilt.  The binding is done... just didn't take pics of it yet.

Mar 2, 2011

Table tent

My kids are constantly building tents... in the kitchen, living room, dining room, and bedrooms.  It involves taking all the blankets off the beds, and moving all the books off the book shelf since they are needed as blanket anchors.  Oh, and the toys.  Yes the toys get moved out of their room to where ever the tent is and get all set up. 
They spend more time setting up than playing with it.
Every time the house ends up looking like a tornado ran through it, 
and Mom usually ends up putting most of it away.
A friend of mine told me she got tired of the same thing happening, so she made a table tent.  
I liked the idea!

This afternoon, I got set to work using what I had in my stash, and made the girls a table tent.  

After my 3 old looked at it, she gave me a big hug and said ' Thank you Mom! I love you now".  
Umm, not sure how to take that!  

They played for a few hours in it, and wanted it set up so they can play tomorrow with 2 of their friends.  It seems to have cured the "take all the blankets and books" part of the problem, but not the "move in the toys" problem.  

Oh well, at least they are now confined to a 3.5'x5' space instead of an entire room.
While taking pictures of it tonight, I found this:

Hmm, I wonder who did it?  :)