Feb 28, 2011


A number of months ago, I decided to use some minky I had bought last year, to make new blankets for the girls. 
Their room is quite cold in the winter, and my youngest especially, really likes the feel of minky.  The blankets they had a babies were barely long enough to keep them covered anymore, so in a few hrs, I had these 2 whipped up.
K's was made with some scraps, but she loves it.  The blue has hearts in it, so that was her favorite part.
They bring them everywhere they go.  Their "warm blankets" travel with them to bed, the couch, the car, friends houses, and make they great forts too!

Feb 23, 2011

more sewing for my kiddos

While I was on visiting my parents place last week, I went through her patterns, and came across a few I wanted to try.

Since cabbage patch dolls are the ones my kids play with the most, I started with this one.
I went through my fabric stash, and found some knits I could use to make them a few of the outfits.  I didn't finish of the edges like it called for... I would have had to use a lot of bias tape... I started by zig zaging the edges, then realized knits don't fray, and opted for the rolled up look - it's less time consuming too!

They love them.  
The one with the pink ice cream is a smaller, baby version of the doll, so they don't fit her too well.

Barbie got a new dress too.  Out of some extra fabric from a shirred dress. 

Feb 19, 2011

... and one for K

 This one was made for K. 
I used pattern ****, and a cotton fabric I found at Joanns.
She will be able to wear it in the spring and summer with a shrug. 

I also like how it turned out, except that the zipper doesn't line up at the top... and I was too lazy to fix it since I figured she would be wearing a sweater/shrug with it anyways.  :)

Feb 17, 2011

New dress for M

I am r.e.a.l.l.y. behind in posting the projects I have completed.
I know I didn't really speak about it on here, but I volunteered my time for the first half of the school year, teaching some high school students how to sew.
I had help, so I wasn't alone, but it still took up lots of time during the week.
I am glad I did it- the students all seemed to have fun, so it was not time wasted.
I am now in my second week without teaching (they moved on to cooking), and am enjoying my new found free time.
My oldest started Kindergarten back in Aug, which is also when I started teaching, so I am now feeling what it is like to only have 1 child home 2 days a week.  I am liking it so far!
So, here is a dress I made for M a few months ago.
I used a decorative corduroy, and butterick 4852 as the pattern.
I really like how it turned out, and only wish I had made it a little longer.  She is not the most modest 3 yr old, and often protests to wearing tight or leggings.  I improvised, and cut down a pair of leggings that had seen better days.
She now has some legging shorts to wear underneath- which she likes so no fighting!

Feb 16, 2011

michael miller fabric is in!

All the Michael Miller fabric has arrived!

round about aqua- $7.95/yrd

carnival bloom- $7.95/yrd

lagoon hoopla dot- $7.95/yrd

lagoon zoo animals- $7.95/yrd
lolli dot aqua- $7.95/yrd

round about lavender- $7.95/yrd
lolli dot orchid- $7.95/yrd

lolli dot sky- $7.95/yrd

  spice hoopla dot- $7.95/yrd

Doesn't it look great?  
It's in the shop, ready for purchase.
If you're local, feel free to send me an email, or call me to avoid the shipping costs.