Feb 23, 2011

more sewing for my kiddos

While I was on visiting my parents place last week, I went through her patterns, and came across a few I wanted to try.

Since cabbage patch dolls are the ones my kids play with the most, I started with this one.
I went through my fabric stash, and found some knits I could use to make them a few of the outfits.  I didn't finish of the edges like it called for... I would have had to use a lot of bias tape... I started by zig zaging the edges, then realized knits don't fray, and opted for the rolled up look - it's less time consuming too!

They love them.  
The one with the pink ice cream is a smaller, baby version of the doll, so they don't fit her too well.

Barbie got a new dress too.  Out of some extra fabric from a shirred dress. 

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