Apr 26, 2010

Class on how to make these skirts

I have been making these skirts since my oldest was about 6 months old... so I suppose for 4.5 years!
They are so easy to make~ done in about an hour. I am having a class on how to make them in a few weeks. If you are in the area, (Northern Washington or Fraser Valley) and would like to learn, send me an email (twiceasniceboutique@live.com) , and I can let you know when we plan on doing it, and how much fabric you will need etc.
The class has 5 more spots~ first come first serve!
Depending in how many people show interest, I may have a class in the Fraser Valley for those who do not have a passport.


Kate said...

Love these skirts, but I'm too far away to come to your class!

Do you think you'll make a pattern?

I've been using your sleepsack pattern and I love it!

Karen said...

Yes, I plan on making the pattern after I have the class, so it will be available in a few weeks... unless I get my butt in gear before then!
I'm glad you like the pattern!