Aug 4, 2010

got a few things done

Yesterday was sanity morning- I get together with 4 other Mom's and every other week, 2 Mom's babysit all the kids, while the other 3 get to go and do whatever they want from 9-2.  Well, yesterday one of the other Mom's picked up my kids, and took them to the hosts house where she was babysitting.  She offered to bring the kids back too.  She picked them up around 10:00, and didn't drop them off until 4:00!  I got sssooo much sewing done!  I had toyed with cleaning the house, doing yard work, washing the car, but sewing won!

I absolutely love how this dress turned out.
I wanted to make her a few dresses for school, but when I don't have a pattern, I find it hard to make sleeves... at the school she will be attending the shoulders need to be covered.
I think it's the fabric that I love so much, I'm not sure it would look as great in a lighter, less vibrant color, but I may have to try it out. : )

I made another set of matching-but-not-quite dresses for the girls too.  We are going camping this weekend, and I find dresses the easiest for going to/sitting at the beach.  My youngest loves wearing dresses, the older one, not as much, but if I set one out, she will wear it.

This dress is for H.  She liked Mikenzie's dress, and wanted the same one for her girl.  She is a older than Kyleigh, so it fits big on her. 

Take care, Karen

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Rita said...

Love the dresses! I really like the smocked dress and good job on the cap sleeves.