Nov 19, 2010


First off, I can not believe I have been absent for about a month!  I guess it shows that I've been busy! 
I took a home organization course a few weeks ago, and have been re organizing as many rooms as I can handle.. almost done!!! 
In the Sleep Sack department it has also been busy. One week I had 11 to sew, and the next 8!  It was busy, but the extra $ put me over the top for the Michael Miller fabric I was saving up for, and I was able to purchase 9 bolts!  This was VERY exciting for me as a business owner!  
I have also been going through all my scrap fabric, and putting together some scrap packs.  I put them for sale in my fabric store and have many more to put together and list. 

Now, on to the sale.  All pre made sleep sacks are $5 off, and can be purchased here!  The sale will last through Black Friday- November 26th 2010.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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