Jan 22, 2010

100 Sleep Sacks sold!!!!!

Today the 100th Sleep Sack sold! I'm so excited! Funny thing was, I had miscounted, so when I thought we were in the 90's (92) it was actually 87... woops! Either way, it's now 100! Heidi Kobes won the draw- she is a Facebook fan. Next draw happens when we reach 150 fans on Facebook!

On another note, the reno's are going great! We finished sanding, priming and texturing (american thing) today, and plan on priming and painting tomorrow! So excited! Then next week we move on to the new sewing room. Oh- I even bought a "new to me" sewing table today! With a little TLC, it will be ready for me to use once the rooms done!
Take care, Karen

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