Jun 7, 2010

New outfit for K

K has a bad habit of wiping her dirty hands on her shirts. I have an ambition to sew most of our kids clothes, shirts, skirts, dresses, pants (I can try right?) , and have been keeping my eye out for darker, patterned fabric to help hide the stains.

I came across this fabric last week at Joanns, and bought it with nothing in mind- I just liked it!
I came home, and picked Simplicity 2716 to try... I have never made a shirt like this, and have never made normal pants... I tried a few times, but they were not suitable for wearing!

I had to alter the pants so the crotch wasn't so long, and made the leg part more fitted. The back of the shirt has the gathered look with elastic sewn in the seem allowance of the bodice.

I like the ties at the shoulder- no zipper, no buttons, the ties help get it on on and off.

K loves it! She always so excited when I show her something I've made... she is at Kindergarten day right now, and when I asked her last week which back pack she was going to bring, with out hesitating she said "one that you will make!". umm, yeah, I did not make her a back pack... yet... :)

She wanted to wear it for Kindergarten Day, and when I woke up with my hubby at 5:00 this morning, and saw the overcast sky, I knew I had to stay up and make a shrug to cover up the shoulders, and give a little warmth. I used Simplicity 3856 for it. It was so easy to make!
I like how her outfit turned out and K loves it... which is most important!


Suzanne said...

So cute Karen!! Really, really cute!

Tania Grim said...

It turned out so good. Your crazy for sewing at 5 am but such a great mom for doing that! I love it !

edwardsdrapery said...

Great outfit, Karen! I used to do the same thing - sew early or late so they had something for the next day! I sewed pants and shorts too; once you have done one the next ones will be much easier!

Our Busy Little Bunch said...

LOVE that top Karen! Great outfit!

Anonymous said...

VERY cute Karen!! I can't believe you sewed the shrug that quickly, but I guess it doesn't take an expert sewer very long. How did K like Kindergarten?
Aunty T

Anonymous said...

Wow, K went to school in style! Will call later

Karen said...

She loved Kindergarten! She was a little (a lot) apprehensive when she found out it was in the school with "the big kids" and not at church (story hour), but she did good!
Nope, no tears, she was too excited, and I knew she would be fine.

Anonymous said...

You are so talented Karen - the outfit is beautiful!
fyi - school rule 'no bare shoulders' so you would have been making a shrug eventually anyway :)