Apr 27, 2011

Chenille Blanket

A few weeks back, I decided that maybe the chenille blanket wasn't so time consuming after all... I now had a handy chenille cutter to help with the tedious job, so I gave it another shot.  Cutting was super easy with my handy cutter... plus, there is less chance to accidentally cut though all layers. 

photos courtesy of Katrina

Edit: you can find a tutorial for the blanket here 
I find it works best to sew your lines 1/2 " apart- some tutorials say you can do them further apart, but it doesn't look or feel as nice.  
Also, DO NOT pre wash your fabric or you will not get the 'gathered" look.  
Have fun! 


LV said...

How much would you charge for a blanket like this? Or can you have a tutorial for how to make it?

Jen said...

Love it! Sure wish I hadn't cut thru my outer layer:( I'll have to give it another try...you still have blue/brown flannel right?