Feb 15, 2010

Baby Blanket

A customer had ordered a matching hat, sleep sack and blanket- I had to order more fabric for the blanket and of course the store was out of stock. She ordered it back in December, and fortunately didn't need it till February. I tried every week to order it online, and every time I was in the store, I would look for it. Well, baby arrived early, so we came up with this blanket. She had wanted it to be the Pink damask on the front, and pink flannel on the back. I mailed it out, and no kidding- 2 days later I was browsing the cotton section, and came across the pink damask- 2 bolts of it! I tried to explain my excitement to the lady beside me- but she just thought I was crazy! My customer liked the blanket, so that is good, and it will keep baby nice and warm!


Anonymous said...

That is cute Kar!
lol, I see her name as MIA...'Missing In Action' :)

Alisa said...

I can totally picture this happening! You made me chuckle. :-)

On another note... a little birdie told me that i might be seeing you at a quilt retreat...!