Feb 21, 2010

Crib set for a friend

I really like these fabrics... as I was walking past the quilt fabrics section, I saw these waiting in the carts to be put away. They looked sssoo good together, I thought I'd better get some. Best part was, I didn't have to stress trying to figure out which fabrics matched (in my opinion that's the hardest part about quilting- finding fabrics that "go")
So I put them in my cart, not really knowing what I would do with them... but that didn't last too long. At the cutting counter I remembered a friend (prego with #4) telling me that she never had a crib set for her other kids, and really wanted one for this baby. She is due beginning of March, and had planned on making a quilt herself. I knew at that point, that she hadn't been to the fabric store yet.
The light went on in my head" Why don't I buy this, and surprise her with a crib set?!?" So that's what I'm doing. I'm still working on the crib skirt, and need to make another fitted bottom sheet, but the rest is finished! I love how it turned out, and hope she will like it too. If she doesn't like it, or has found one herself, I'll be putting it up for sale! I'll let you know what she thinks, and can hopefully use her crib for pics since I don't have mine set up any more.

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aplusbequalsc said...

Sooo nice! I love the prints your picked out and how well you made everything work together. You are so very talented! I love your blog and checking in on new projects you are doing. :-)

-Amanda Brown