Mar 23, 2010

Update on craft fair and giveaway

Sorry! I guess I forgot to post an entry on how the Craft Fair went.
All in all, it was a great experience. I met a lot of people who were surprised/happy to learn I was local, and they could order a sleep sack and pick it up. A lot of business cards were taken, so in a few months I should know how many people actually turned into customers. Most people who stopped by said they had a daughter/granddaughter who was expecting, and they didn't want to buy one until they knew what it was.
I sold enough to make a profit, so that was good, and I met a few other locals who were awesome to hang out with. My friend Tania sat with me there 2 days, and I got an order cut out the other day. It was a lot of works though with 2 young kids around. I don't think I will do it again... at least for a few years when the girls are older.
ANyway, that's that!

On another note, if you want to win a Sleep Sack, head over to Mommy Brain to enter the draw!
Take care, Karen

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Tania Grim said...

Im so excited about the review! Nice work!