May 7, 2010

Skirt making class

This past Monday night, I hosted a skirt making class! 4 wonderful ladies showed up, and away we went constructing these beautiful skirts.
I am working on getting the instructions completed, and will post the tutorial later next week.
I found out earlier this week I have shingles- no rash yet. I caught it early, and started the meds, so it's a wait and see for now on how this will all play out... I'm not feeling too great- nausea, headache, and sore neck, so I'll have to see when I'll feel like plunking away at the instructions... let alone house work!

Didn't they all pick such beautiful fabric??


Linda said...

Gosh, you are so young to have shingles! Hopefully that will work to your advantage. I have a friend who also took the meds and got great results. I hope you do too. Get lots of rest if you can! (I just got the vaccine as this lovely virus loves my family.)

The skirts are really cute!

Anonymous said...

Love the fabric choices. Very fun!

Tania Grim said...

fun. you should definetly come here and do a class. :)

Janet said...

Those skirts were so much fun to make even when I had to seam rip a whole bunch but that was my dumb blond mistake. Thanks again for teaching me Karen. Your super!

Anonymous said...

I've read your blog for a little while now -- not sure how I found it anymore! I'd love a tutorial for these adorable little skirts. I have two daughters and I'd love to make them one for the summer!