Dec 23, 2009

Pre made Sleep Sacks for Sale

Last week I busied myself with making more pre made Sleep Sack to sell. My intent is to have +100 Sleep Sacks for when I do Craft shows~that's about 20 per size, reasonable right?
I don't want to have to madly sew to get ready for one~ that's something that wouldn't work in this house with 2 little ones around!
Here are some that are completed. I have 22 more cut out so stay tuned!

Orange damask size 2T, regular weight(sold)

Red in bloom: 2 available, both 9-18 months size, one regular and one winter weight.

In Bloom: 9-18 months, winter weight

honey comb 0-6 months, no seat belt slit. (sold)

Pretty Pink: 0-6 months, regular weight, no seat belt slit.

1 comment:

the monkey's mama said...

Soooo cute! I'm headed over to check them out but don't think i can rationalize anything this close to my Christmas purchases :( But...very tempting!